Friday, October 21st
Master Centre, Hall 2
SeENS Nursing Section Symposium
"Practice management guidelines in neurotrauma patients" 
09.30-10.00  Opening ceremony
Kresimir Rotim, Petar Vulekovic, Ioan Stefan Florian, Lukas Rasulic, Sandra Milosevic, Biljana Kurtovic, Mirsada Custovic
10.00-10.10  The basics of health care process for neurotrauma: planning, individualization and documenting - Dragana Nikolic, Serbia
Contemporary algorithms in neurotraumatized patients - treatment from the aspect of a neuro-nurse - Mirsada Custovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The value of predictiveness in following the state of consciousness - Ivana Dondo, Serbia
The nurse competencies in implementing the care protocol for intracranial haemorrhage patients - Ivan Havrlisan, Croatia
Guidelines for pre-hospital care management for patients with neurotrauma - Biljana Kurtovic, Croatia
10.50-11.00 Validation of the outcome of treating alcoholized patients with head injury, case study - Mirjana Sestak, Croatia
The standard clinical operational procedures for patients with traumatic injury of cervical spine - Cecilija Rotim, Croatia
11.10-11.20 The characteristics of interdisciplinary approach to cervicocranial traction in treating cervical spine fracture and luxation - Anita Brblic, Croatia
The human factor: the critical importance of effective team work and communication in providing safe treatment in operating theatre - Vesna Svircevic, Croatia
The protocol of operational technique of invasive intracranial pressure measurement - Sandra Milosevic, Serbia
11.40-11.50 An analytical presentation of scrub nurse procedures in neurosurgical treatment of subdural haematoma - Ivana Strbac, Serbia
Perioperational treatment of patients with epidural haemorrage: A five-year retrospective study of the Neurosurgery Clinic, KBC Osijek - Sanja Moser, Croatia
12.00-12.15 SeENS Nursing Section meeting


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