Facts about Serbia

Name of state: Republic of Serbia
Capital city: Belgrade, population more than 1,600,000
Autonomous regions: Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija
Geographic location: Southeastern and Central Europe, Balkan Peninsula, Western Balkans
Area: 88,509 km2
Climate: moderate continental
Longest river: Danube, Serbian section, 588 km
Highest mountain peak: ─Éeravica (in the Prokletije range), 2656 m
International dialing code: +381
Official currency: the dinar (RSD)
National Internet domain: .rs
National vehicle code: SRB
Population (excluding Kosovo and Metohija): more than 7,000,000, 83% Serbs
Official language: Serbian
Official script: Cyrillic
Faiths: 85% Eastern Orthodox Christian, 5.5% Roman Catholic Christian, 3.2% Muslim
National holiday: 15th February – Serbian National Statehood Day
Time zone: central European, CET (GMT + 1 hour)
Electricity: 220 ~ 230V, 50 Hz
Water from public mains: Safe to drink

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